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At Luxury Crete we work together to provide you with the highest standards of services possible and that's what makes us one of the highly respected concrete companies.

Epoxy refers to a system made up of resins and hardeners, which react chemically to form a rigid plastic material that is strong, resistant to degradation, and bonds extremely well to its substrate.

We use Dulux products which are fast drying, non-slip, UV resistant, low VOC, low odour, water-resistant, and can be colourised to match your decor.

We try and serve all our potential clients within 3 days at the most, unless you request otherwise.

Decorative Colour Resurfacing has an expected service life of between 5-10 years depending on location, routine servicing, and traffic exposure.

We provide concrete finishing, polishing, and flooring solutions in Sydney and the surrounding areas. The end result is long-lasting and highly durable floors.

Luxury Crete Polymer Laminate Resurfacing is a very durable exterior textured colour coating system for concrete surfaces, it is fade resistant, black tyre mark resistant and designed specifically as a exterior medium to high traffic grade coating material, recommended to be serviced every 3-5 years for optimal results.

Yes. The cost of cleaning can decrease significantly once the refinishing and polishing is complete. Remember damaged or worn floors can lead to expensive maintenance and safety problems.

Longevity depends on traffic type and traffic volume. You can expect 5-10 years for industrial areas experiencing semi-trailer and forklift traffic with heavy weights and skidding wheels. During the initial consultation, we can give you a sense of how long the coatings will last.

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